Red Tag - Code Violation


There are many different types of building violations property owners and managers can be charged with:


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What is the penalty for building without a permit?


What happens if you build without a permit?

Building without a permit penalty

Getting a building permit after the fact


We use technology and research to identify your project's submittal and compliance requirements. This allows you to spend more time planning your project and less time researching.


Our established workflow and pre-submittal review processes enable us to identify potentially deficient items prior to submittal. Saving time and money for our clients.


Our team tracks the status of your application and provides updates every step of the way. This enables our clients to make more informed decisions.


We have years of experience with the online permitting systems used by local municipalities. Some of these include: harris county epermits, city of houston online permits, ipermits, projectdox, houston online permits, etc. 

City of Houston Building Permit Requirements